Santorini is an island rich with ancient sites, traditional churches, historical monuments, charming villages and beautiful beaches. The history of Santorini attractions go as far back as the 4th millennium B.C., making it one of the most important archaeological sites worldwide. The dry, volcanic soil and unique micro-climate produce wonderful white wines and tasty produce unique to the island. Black pebble or black sand beaches offer a completely different experience for visitors wishing to swim and sunbathe. Relaxing along the stunning caldera, taking in the variety of sites or witnessing the glorious sunsets of Oia, this tranquil paradise will find its place among your most fondest memories. Kindly inquire at for more information regarding these and other amazing adventures.

Memorable Santorini attractions and activities…

Below is a listing of recommended Santorini attractions which our Concierge will be pleased to make arrangements for, as well as a number of additional Attractions and Activities that you may be interested in based on your individual interests and preferences.

  • Museums and Archaeological Sites
  • Wineries and Wine Museums
  • Sightseeing and Hiking
  • Spectacular Beaches
  • Sailing and Power Boat Trips
  • Scuba Diving


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