Santorini Wine

The tradition of winemaking on Santorini dates back to the period following the eruption of this volcanic island. The resulting soil is very favourable for wine grapes, producing wines with balanced acidity and aromas unique as the island itself. Iconic Santorini is a true boutique hotel with just 22 rooms and suites, as such we have focused on providing the finest in local wines to complement our authentic Santorini cuisine, rounding off a completely local island experience.

The most popular grape on the island is the Assyrtiko, which produces a dry, aromatic white wine. Numerous international accolades and prestigious awards have recognized wines of the Assyrtiko varietal. Mandilaria and Mavrotragano are the leading red grapes of the island and two of the last holdouts of authentic foot-pressed wines, finished in the most modern methods.

Enjoy discovering the cellars of some of the island’s most distinct wineries, while appreciating the fascinating story of Santorini wines. Kindly inquire with our Concierge at to reserve a place on a memorable journey of wine.

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