Best Ways to Spend a Day Sun Bathing

Best Ways to Spend a Day Sun Bathing

Santorini is a stunning place plucked right out of a postcard. You can enjoy wandering its picturesque streets, eat luxurious food, and, of course, enjoy sunbathing in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Whether you want to enjoy the black sands of Perissa, or relax next to the pool is entirely up to you, but when you take a day out for sunbathing you will need to ensure you have everything you need to make your day perfect.

Bring a Collection of Drinks and Snacks

When you spend the day outside it is critical that you drink enough water and have enough to eat. The heat can diminish your appetite, but without food, you won’t be able to retain water as easily. Combined, this will lead to either heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Further, try to avoid drinking alcohol until the evening when the sun starts to set, as the dehydration effect alcohol has on you can cause more harm than good.

Use Reef-Friendly Sunscreen and Use It Regularly

As you will be out in the sun, it is critical that you wear sunscreen. If you don’t, you expose your skin to the harmful UV rays that can cause burning, lead to skin cancer, and result in premature skin aging. The sunscreen you use, however, needs to be chosen carefully. Most sunscreens contain harmful ingredients that hurt reefs and. Thankfully, many destinations are becoming stricter, and will only allow the use of 100% biodegradable sunscreens. Check before you go, so that you can enjoy a beautiful tan and protect the stunning coastal waters you came to visit.

Have Sunbathing Friendly Entertainment Ready

Sunbathing requires you to patiently turn and change positions throughout the day so that you get that even, stunning summer glow. While you are sunbathing, however, chances are you will get bored. Falling asleep and napping in the sun is dangerous, so you need to have something fun to occupy your time. This can come in the form of a beachside book, but if you aren’t a fan of reading all the solutions can be found right on your phone. You can enjoy placing bets and playing games on Unibet, for example, and get caught up in the thrill as the day goes by – just remember to set timers, so you know when to change positions!

Enjoy the Water as Much as You Can  

Sunbathing is typically done near water. You need the breeze in order to stay cool, after all, and whether that breeze comes off the ocean or a pool doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you make use of the water as its there. Sure, you might not find swimming to be the most invigorating activity, but just by getting into the water you can stay cool and fill up your day with more fun activities.

When you are at your desk working, nothing will sound better than lounging on a beach all day doing nothing. Actually doing nothing, however, can detract from the overall experience. You need to stay safe, stay hydrated, and have fun by following this guide so that your sunbathing day is just as fun and invigorating as all the others you spend in Santorini.

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