Clothing Tips When Travelling To Greece

Clothing Tips When Travelling To Greece



Knowing what you will need is a very important part of trip planning. This is because it’s very easy to find yourself forgetting to pack some stuff, especially with all the excitement that comes at the thought of the adventure that awaits you in Greece. Apart from your travel documents and other stuff, you will also have to carry some clothes. Well, not unless you’re planning on buying some once you arrive, which will be expensive.

Here are some amazing tips to help you make the right attire choice for your travel


Packing Tips For Women


When it comes to Greece, the main term here is light. Keep it that way throughout the day and the evening as well. So you can, for instance, go simple with a light cotton dress/ skirt /pants and t-shirt. Just ensure you carry some matching flip flops and a unique piece of jewelry for each attire. Don’t forget to carry a wrap before you embark on that visit to the Monastery. You can also opt to wear a maxi dress with long/short sleeves.

Packing Tips For Men

Like women, men are also required to cover their legs when visiting the Monastery. So to avoid embarrassments, ensure to pack some long pants. Don’t forget your favorite beachwear collection. Here, go with several shorts, polo shirts, short-sleeved shirts and of course swimwear.

And if you can’t do without jackets, then it’s advisable to carry light ones with several pockets to help you store your valuables. Also, don’t think that being a man means neglecting your skin, on the contrary, you should always aspire to protect it just the same way women do theirs. Pack a hat and some sunscreen cream.

General Tips

We will start with the general styling tips that you should consider applying while in Greece. And by this, we mean for both the mainland and the islands. Greece is a hot-weathered place, so, by all means, dress really light. Therefore, pay close attention to the heaviness of your clothes, materials and ensure they are not only light but also cotton-made to absorb sweat.

Also, since you’re traveling to a country which places less value on formal clothes, pack as many informal attires as possible. The last thing you would want is to look odd in a new place. And no matter whatever your reason for travel (leisure or business/both), don’t forget to carry your favorite hat(s). But if you do, you can always order online. Most men vouch for the Trendhim ivy hats and the classic fedora. You just have to ensure you get the correct size of your preferred model to complement your look. You will appreciate the extra shield on your head and face.

Also, don’t forget to pack for the weather. For this, a light cardigan, umbrella, and a raincoat will do.

There you go! You can now travel to Greece in peace and have the fun of your lifetime. Remember, no matter how vast your travel experience is, it’s always better to carry a few more clothes than your anticipated stay. You never know when an emergency can strike and you will have to extend your visit.

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