First Time In Greece: Do Not Leave These Places Off Your List

First Time In Greece: Do Not Leave These Places Off Your List

Being as it is the birthplace of western civilization, Greece is one of Europe’s most historic destinations. Those visiting the country get to take glimpses of picturesque historic buildings and learn a lot of exciting stuff about Greek culture and mythology. However, Greece is not about history alone, as the country also boasts breathtaking landscapes and beautiful, sandy beaches. We’ve highlighted some of the country’s top destinations and attractions below, to give you a clearer picture of why you need to make a stop in Greece during your next European vacation.    

Porto Katsiki Beach

Greece consists of over 200 inhabited islands and that’s why it’s- perhaps- unsurprising that the country boasts some of Europe’s most unique beaches. Of these, Porto Katsiki- situated in Lefkada- stands out the most due to the steep cliffs that line its shore. Along these cliffs, you’ll find a number of restaurants that offer delicious servings of Greek seafood like Greek mussels and Greek shrimp saganaki. This scenic beach also offers great views of the Ionian Sea and is easily accessible by boat transportation from neighboring Nidri Town.





Boasting picturesque architecture and scenic landscapes, this Greek Island is quite literally, ‘heaven on earth’. After buying your air tickets to Santorini, one thing we’d advice you bring along with you is your camera. This Aegean island destination is so beautiful that you’ll definitely want to take away some memories with you. At sunset, you can take awesome pictures at any of the islands golden beaches. In addition, Santorini also has lots of good eateries that serve delectable seafood and other Mediterranean-influenced dishes.     



With its mountainous landscapes and rich cultural tradition, this magnificent Greek island is definitely one destination you’ll want to experience. A number of serene beaches dot the island’s shoreline, making Corfu the perfect holiday destination if you’re looking to escape away from the hustle and bustle of your normal life. Corfu is also one of those places you’d want to visit if you want to catch a glimpse of ancient Greek civilization. Old Town Corfu, for instance, still has lots of Venetian architecture dotting its lands. Meanwhile, in the picturesque village of Perithia, visitors can visit and take pictures from ancient, fortified castles.     



Tucked away in the beautiful Greek island of Crete, the ruins of Knossos are the last-standing architectural relics that attest to the Minoan reign in the region over five millennia ago. From visually striking Minoan pottery to intricate bronze-age mosaics, Knossos will- quite literally- thrust you back in time. The fact that it only lies a short bus trip away from Crete’s capital- Heraklion- and also boasts lots of decent, affordable accommodation facilities only serve to make this vacation destination even more appealing.    



Home to the widely popular Navagio beach, this amazing Greek island is a must-see. What’s more, you can explore the exhilarating nightlife in downtown Zakynthos once your done sight-seeing during the day. During summer, the beach-side bars and clubs are usually filled with both trendy locals and foreign party-goers.     

From colorful beaches and scenic landscapes to picturesque villages and historic sites, Greece is one of those destinations that just has it all. Add to that the fact that the local people are generally social and friendly, and what you have is an awesome holiday destination totally worth giving a try.

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