Getting the Service You Deserve During Your Santorini Vacation

Getting the Service You Deserve During Your Santorini Vacation


In the past, Santorini has been voted as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Even looking at pictures can give you a good idea of why. It has unique and beautiful architecture in its cities, impressive volcanic formations all along its rocky shoreline, and a lovely temperate climate.

Lovers of architecture, history, and geology will all find Santorini to be a magical location. In fact, this island depends on tourism as its primary source of income. There are many opportunities for visitors to enjoy the culture and the riches of the island of Santorini. However, not all trips are equally pleasant. The quality of service and care that you receive can impact how much you enjoy your trip.

Adhere To Cultural Standards and Be Polite

An ugly tourist is likely to receive ugly treatment from the people they deal with, regardless of the location. Most of Europe, including Greece and Santorini, doesn’t embrace the performative subservience common in retail and service workers in the United States. Be willing to enjoy the local cuisine and the splendid wine made on the island, and treat others with respect and courtesy.

If you can speak Greek, that may help endear you to the locals, although attempting to converse when you only know a half-dozen words may actually be more offensive than helpful. Many people speak English, and if you go with a group, you may be able to hire a translator or guide to assist you in conversing with those who do not speak English. Regardless of the language barrier, take the time to familiarize yourself with local customs and culture before your trip to avoid offending anyone inadvertently.

Always do your best to be polite to everyone, including those who are serving you or providing you with assistance at hotels and other facilities. Having a little respect and courtesy toward the people working to make your stay pleasant will help motivate those individuals to provide you with the best service possible.

Frequent Only Reputable Establishments

Not all hotels, restaurants, venues, and shops are created equal. You want to select only the best options that work with your schedule and your budget. Every city, or in this case island, has to deal with unsavory characters impacting the quality of the overall community. There will undoubtedly be some questionable restaurants serving food in unsanitary conditions, as well as hostels, hotels, and inns that are unclean or poorly managed.

Choosing professional establishments that have a history of successful services is a much better option than just seeking out the cheapest accommodations. After all, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. When you choose to pay for a better establishment, the chances are good that the staff is better paid as well. The result may be a higher quality of service and better overall experience.

Visiting the island of Santorini can be one of the most memorable trips of your life. Despite any potential language barrier, it is possible to have a wonderful time and enjoy incredible service. Do your best to adhere to local customs, and try to enjoy the experience of a unique cultural destination not many people get to enjoy.


Jacqueline Fallow

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