4 Ways To Make Your Santorini Vacation Extra Special

4 Ways To Make Your Santorini Vacation Extra Special

Santorini is an incredibly beautiful part of the world in the Aegean sea with a lovely climate, rugged landscape and friendly locals. This makes it the perfect place for a relaxing holiday, but how do you make a trip to this island extra special? There are a few ways that you can do this which will help you to make the most out of your experience and create fantastic stories to share when you return home. A holiday should always be a highlight of the year and allow you to escape your daily life – read on for a few ways to make your trip to this island extra special.


1. Fly On A Private Jet

You can begin your vacation even before you get to Santorini when you fly in on a private jet. This is a magnificent experience which allows you to indulge in luxury and live the high life. Not only this, but a private jet can also be much easier than a commercial airline with less stress so that you will arrive feeling fresh and ready to enjoy your trip.

Private jet charter is becoming more affordable, particularly when you book empty leg flights. You do not have as much control over these flights, so it is important to keep your eyes peeled for these type of opportunities.


2. Luxury Hotel

The hotel will always make or break the vacation. Fortunately, in Santorini there are a handful of luxury hotels set within caves which are the ideal setting for an unforgettable vacation. This can make your trip even more special and allow you to enjoy fine dining, spectacular views, gorgeous infinity pools and much more.

It is also a smart idea to book your stay not during peak season (the middle of summer). It can get busy in Santorini then so traveling outside of this time will mean that the hotels and the rest of the island is much quieter and more enjoyable.


3. Sailing

There are many terrific activities to do in Santorini, but sailing is, perhaps, top of the list. This allows you to enjoy the island’s great beauty from the sea, you are able to go snorkeling, visit less popular beaches, swim in hot springs and much more.

The sunset tours are particularly good as the sunsets here are amongst the best in the world and ideal if you are on a romantic trip with your partner.


4. Cooking Class

The food and drink scene in Santorini is sublime and you need to make sure that you experience the local specialties in the island’s top restaurants for a special experience. Additionally, a cooking class is a lovely idea which will help you to get a greater insight into the culture here.

Not only this, but a cooking class will teach you how to make delicious Greek food back at home which will allow you to relive your vacation and impress your friends during your next dinner party.


Santorini is a wonderful part of the world and if you are looking to make your vacation extra special then consider the above experiences.

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