Travel Beauty Secrets the Flight Attendants Won’t Tell You

Travel Beauty Secrets the Flight Attendants Won’t Tell You

When it comes to flying and looking and feeling your best in-flight, there aren’t many people who know more than flight attendants. Cabin crew spend a large part of their lives in the air, and they always manage to look glamorous and perfectly groomed at the same time. How do they do it? Whether you’re planning a short-haul flight and want to look your best for someone special when you step into arrivals or have a long-haul flight coming up and want to know how best to cope, here are some in-flight beauty tips that flight attendants swear by.


Downsize Your Beauty Items
If you are travelling with just cabin luggage, the last thing that you need is for your favourite beauty items to be confiscated at security if they don’t comply with the 100 ml rule. If you can’t go a day without your skin cleanser or toner or have specific makeup items that you simply won’t leave behind, the best thing to do is look for special, travel sized versions that will easily fit into the zip-lock bag that you’ll get at the airport. Visit Charles Ford London for a cabin case that’ll easily fit all of your items as well as your beauty products for your trip.


Water is Your Best Friend
If you’ve ever taken a flight longer than just a couple of hours, you’ll know just how dry the air in the cabin can get. With every passenger on the plane breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide, fresh air is pumped into the cabin but it lacks moisture, giving your skin that dry, dehydrated feel. In order to keep this uncomfortable feeling at bay and make sure that you step off the plane feeling your best, keeping a bottle of water with you at all times is crucial.


Stay Moisturised
If you have enough room in your cabin luggage, it’s definitely recommended by flight attendants to take along plenty of moisturising products, which you can purchase in travel-sized bottles for your convenience. Or, if you’re running out of room in your cabin luggage because you don’t have a hold case, you might want to check out the airport shops to make sure that you have the right products for the flight. A face lotion, lip balm, and eye cream are some of the essentials that flight attendants are never seen without in-flight – that’s why their faces always look so flawless.


Take Sunscreen
Most people only think to apply sunscreen once they’ve landed and are headed to the beach, but did you know that it’s also important to apply sunscreen for the flight as well? When flying at a high altitude, you’re physically much closer to the harmful rays of the sun, especially if you’re in the window seat. In fact, a pilots are at a higher risk of skin cancer due to their job, which is why airlines use sun shields in the cockpit. Keep your skin protected by applying sunscreen before you set off. Travelling is an awesome experience, and following these top tips will ensure that your flight is just as pleasant too.

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