Considerations When Going on a Vacation to Santorini with Your Baby

Considerations When Going on a Vacation to Santorini with Your Baby

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The Greek Islands are extremely family friendly vacation spots. While Santorini is a more exclusive island that attracts couples looking for a romantic honeymoon, it’s also suitable for couples with children or a single parent traveling with a baby.

Here are some things to think about when planning to travel to Santorini with your little one.

Bring the Right Supplies

While the baby products you have at home aren’t always designed to be either light or compact, the need for both features becomes essential when traveling. There’s only so much room in the carry-on. You need to carefully consider what items are essential to travel light while not leaving out anything essential.

If you think that some of the baby products you own could do with an upgrade, see if the Kids & Babies product section has what you’ll need. It’ll be much easier to pick them up that way than trying to shop locally once you arrive on the island.

Getting There

There are different ways to get to Santorini. If you’re planning to travel around the Greek Islands, there are ferries from Crete (Sea Jets and Hellenic Seaways, respectively) and the Blue Star ferry from Rhodes island too. There’s also a direct connection from Mykonos. If you wish to combine a two island visit to Greece, then Crete is the most family friendly of the three islands mentioned.

If you’re flying into Athens, there’s a ferry transport direct to Santorini. The ferry leaves in the early hours of the morning, so a late arrival in Athens by plane will require an overnight stay.

Once arrived on Santorini, there are buses and taxi rides to take you to the local town where you’re situated. If you haven’t booked and are arriving by one of the ferries, there are plenty of people offering transport right from the pier.

Accommodation Selection

Booking ahead is a much better idea than finding something randomly offered on the pier because you don’t have the flexibility of a backpacker. What you need is a family-friendly hotel or resort that is suitably priced and setup well for families with young kids. To avoid disappointment it is imperative to ensure that you’re your chosen accommodation provider accepts young children.

Given that many people visit Santorini to enjoy the beauty, the amazing sunsets every evening and quiet evenings, it’s important to find a place that’s kid-friendly to avoid annoying other travelers who were expecting a quiet time. Discrete areas to relax allow parents to enjoy the surroundings while keeping everyone else happy too. A win-win.

Not Going Direct? Choose Slow Travel

It’s possible to fly direct from some countries direct to Santorini. However, if you’re not able to do that, then factor in how well your baby travels. You may be better off flying into Athens with a booking for the night and then taking the morning ferry the next day.

Splitting up the legs of the trip when unable to fly in directly avoids your baby getting overly tired as well as the parent(s) too! A little extra time taken to travel there in stages is well worth it if both parent(s) and baby can arrive well rested and ready to enjoy their vacation.

Traveling to see Santorini is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It shouldn’t be something that you can only do when you’re single and fancy free or as a couple without kids. There are plenty of ways to enjoy traveling with your little ones when you plan and advise your hotel how many kids you have. This way, everyone can be properly prepared.


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