Santorini Island

Santorini in the Cyclades Islands of Greece is an island rich with ancient sites, traditional churches, historical monuments, charming villages and beautiful beaches. The history of Santorini Island dates back as far as the 4th millennium B.C., making it one of the most notable archaeological sites worldwide. The dry, volcanic soil and unique micro-climate produce wonderful white wines and tasty produce unique to the island. Black pebble or black sand beaches offer a completely different experience for visitors wishing to swim and sunbathe.

Enjoy the breathtaking sights of Santorini Island…

Santorini offers several transportation options and renting a car, scooter or ATV offers more time to take in the sights along the way. Whether you spend your time relaxing on one of the islands’ unique beaches, visiting ancient historical sites such as the world famous ruins of Akrotiri, Ancient Thera, or picking your way through the local wine vineyards, there is always something to do on Santorini Island. The village of Oia is perfect at dusk, where mind-bending sunsets light the ocean ablaze every evening for an astounded crowd of dazzled onlookers.

Returning to your lovely traditional Greek residence at Iconic Santorini is something to look forward to and however you choose to spend your days, our haven of tranquility will find its place among your fondest memories.


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