Traditional Santorini cuisine boasts an incredible variety of fresh local food, customary Greek flavours and unique wines sought after the world over. Guests of Iconic Santorini may feel at home in our delightful Pergola Restaurant which offers authentic island dishes in an exclusive setting or choose to explore the many other fabulous dining options nearby, fitting for any moment or taste.

Pergola Restaurant

Taste the authentic and traditional flavours of our delicious Santorini cuisine, featuring culinary creations prepared fresh daily and served in the comfortable and homey setting of the lovely Pergola Restaurant. Guests are encouraged to pass by the open kitchen to see what our talented local chef is creating for the day. Experience our casual excellence while relaxing with a glass of world-renowned Santorini wine and sampling a variety of freshly prepared, authentic homemade dishes as you appreciate the mezmerizing Santorini caldera views. For more romantic occasions, private dining areas offer the perfect opportunity for a most memorable experience while enjoying the delights of our Iconic Santorini cuisine.

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Terrace Service

Guests of Iconic Santorini enjoy a delightful daily breakfast, served daily to the personal seating area just outside all residences. Dining overlooking the magnificent caldera is one of the exceptional pleasures of Iconic Santorini. Our staff is pleased to offer freshly prepared Greek snacks through the day to the terraces and around the pool. 

Santorini Wine

Iconic Santorini is a true boutique hotel with just 19 accommodations and suites, as such we have focused on providing the finest in local wines to complement the authentic Santorini cuisine and offer a completely rounded island experience. The tradition of winemaking on Santorini dates back to the period following the eruption of this volcanic island. The resulting soil is very favourable for wine grapes, producing wines with balanced acidity and aromas unique as the island itself. With over 40 indigenous grape varietals available, our wine list should bring delight to all of our guests. The most popular grape on the island is the Assyrtiko, which produces a dry, aromatic white wine. Mandilaria and Mavrotragano are the leading red grapes of the island and two of the last holdouts of authentic foot-pressed wines, finished in the most modern methods.

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