All guests are welcome to use the Iconic Santorini Wellness, which provides a private treatment room for single or couple’s massages. After enjoying one of our relaxing treatments, take pleasure lounging in our heated and jetted, indoor grotto pool, soothing away any remaining stresses. However you choose to use this serene facility, a Wellness treatment at Iconic Santorini Spa revitalizes both the body and mind. Find out why our haven of tranquillity is an ideal place for Romance and getting away from it all.


‘Holistic’ comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning whole. The holistic approach aims to restore balance within the body, taking into account the person’s whole being not just their physical symptoms or ailments. Massage therapy is an ancient form of healing, used for thousands of years. Holistic massage combines a therapeutic and nurturing process of touch and response with each treatment adapted to the client’s unique needs, physical characteristics and personality. Enjoy our Signature Holistic Massage in total privacy for one hour (Single or Couple’s) in an atmosphere of pure relaxation with candles, aromas, soothing music, and using natural products to restore balance within the body. After enjoying this treatment, take pleasure lounging in the heated and jetted indoor grotto pool, soothing away any remaining stresses. A visit to the Iconic Santorini Spa revitalizes the body and calms the soul.

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